Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a tour guide at Ankgor Wat?

Yes!  There is so much history at Angkor Wat and a licensed tour guide studies with the Ministry of Tourism for over 9 months to qualify as a tour guide.  So their knowledge of the temples is incredible and really adds value to your time at Angkor Wat.  Without a tour guide, you can of course still see the temples, but with over 200 temples as part of Angkor Wat, you may miss the important ones and what they mean to the Cambodian people.

A driver can’t go into the temples, only a licensed tour guide can enter the temples and they all have a badge and uniform.

How do I know what to see at Angkor Wat?

There is so much to see at Angkor Wat and in Siem Reap.  We always recommend a tour, that way you get to see the best parts of the city without having to do the research yourself.  If you are limited for time, then we always have the option to create your own tour and we can help you with the itinerary.  The create your own tour is also great if you would like to see other parts of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, you can tell us what you want to see and we’ll make it happen.

Is there anything I need to bring on the tour?

Depending on the time of the year you visit Siem Reap, it can be quite hot!  So you’ll need to bring a hat, sunscreen and we also recommend long sleeve shirts and pants.  We will also take you to the best spots for photos, so bring your camera (or smartphone these days!) and the days can be long because there is so much to see, so you’ll need comfy shoes.  We provide complimentary water and cold towels to keep you cool and hydrated!

You’ll also need $US dollars for entrance into the temple, your lunch and anything else you’d like to purchase.

Are there any extra costs with the tour?

Yes.  You’ll need to buy entrance tickets for the temples.  You can buy a one day pass ($US37), a three day pass ($US62) or 7 days ($US72).  We will help you purchase the tickets on the day of your tour.

As part of the itinerary, we will allow time for lunch and snack stops along the way.  This will be at your own cost.

Do I need to wear special clothing when visiting Angkor Wat?

Yes.  You need to wear respectable clothing when visiting the temples.  As a general rule, you can wear shorts but they should be at least to your knees.  We do not suggest a tank top or singlet, you must have your shoulders covered, so a short sleeved t-shirt or dress is acceptable.

Are there any guidelines for visiting the temples?

There aren’t any guidelines as such, but there are certainly some things you should aware of.

  • Inside the temples, you should not sit or stand of any part of the statues, or touch any of the carvings.
  • If you see monks at the temple, please ask their permission before taking their photograph.
  • Please don’t touch the head of a Cambodian person or point your finger.
  • If you are offered a cold towel that’s reusable, please don’t use them on your feet.  They should only be used on your hands, face, neck and body.
  • There will be women and children who beg at the temples.  If you would like to give the women and children something, please consider something that is useful to their everyday life.